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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our service allows for streaming on a single device at any given moment. For multi-device access, you can easily add an extra connection by contacting our support and updating your subscription preferences.

BOX-IPTV grants you access to an expansive library of entertainment with over 9000+ TV channels and a rich selection of thousands of VOD titles, ensuring you’ll always find something to watch.

Yes, your IPTV access will be available right after payment. Access details will be sent to you via email and WhatsApp for your convenience.

Yes, sharing your IPTV subscription is possible. For viewing content simultaneously on different devices, an extra connection will be required.

With a decade-plus history since 2010, our longstanding service is testament to our commitment to customer trust and satisfaction. Verify our credibility through our WHOIS domain records; our enduring presence is a pledge of our seriousness in providing quality IPTV services.

Yes, with our 30-day trial period, you’re free to fully evaluate our service. If you’re not satisfied, just reach out to us


IPTV Subscription Plans and Pricing

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Starter Plan - 1 Month



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Silver Plan - 6 Months


/6 mo

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Gold Plan - 12 Months



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